Saturday, 15 December 2012

Player Profile - Alan Fitzpatrick

Name: Alan Fitzpatrick
Age: 19
Years Playing: 4
College Team: UCD
Club Team: Ranelagh
What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming campaign: Being in the best shape of my life. Watching the team develop and exceeding everyone's expectations of us. Running my legs off while wearing the green jersey.
Anyone you're particularly looking to play alongside: Always good playing with Hogi and Ferguson, they make me look good. Also looking forward to playing with people I've never played with before. We're going to be awesome.
Personal Paragraph: Here is my favorite joke. It's long but well worth reading to the end:

So back when I was growing up on the mean streets of West Philadelphia I ask this really cute girl to go to prom with me, she says yes. The day of the prom, I go to a tailor to get a new suit- there was a long line. Next, I went to a limo service to rent a limo- there was an even longer line there. Next, I went to a flower shop to get the girl a batch of roses before picking her up- there was AN EVEN LONGER LINE there.
I pick her up and we go to the prom, there is a line to the entrance that soon resides. We go to the photo shoot to get a photo together, there is a line there too. We get hungry and decide to get food, there is a line there as well. We get thirsty, there is no punchline.

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