Friday, 7 December 2012

Player Profile - Oisín Murphy

Name: Oisín Murphy
Age: 21
Years Playing: 3
College Team: UCC
Club Team: Juice
What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming campaign:  Playing with the people who I've been competing against at the top level for the past three years. A lot of guys and girls on this team who I'd always admired, and wished had been playing with me rather than against!
Anyone you're particularly looking to play alongside: Everyone, really. We're all on this team for a reason; and everyone has great skill and potential. Admittedly, it will be nice not having to battle with the likes of Keith and Liam for once!
Personal Paragraph: "Just a heads-up to anybody on the team that doesn't know already; but I do have the tendency to sleep at pretty much any given opportunity. So don't be surprised if I go missing for a few hours during tournaments; I'm probably just snoozing. But I am great craic, I swear! I tell awesome jokes. Like, what's blue and can't sing? Blue."

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