Friday, 5 July 2013

Player Profile - Conor Casey

Name: Conor Casey
Age: 23
Years Playing: 7
College Team: UCD
Club Team: Jabba the Huck
What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming campaignGotta be the playing the Aussies. If I could play them in every game I could. They're just great!!
Anyone you're particularly looking to play alongsideIt's quite fun playing with Keith, he's savage! I'm so used to playing with Emer now, I pass to her even when we're on opposing teams, that's got to be a connection! Also it's great to play with the UCC, UL and NUIG heads, finally we have all our skills on the same side!
Personal ParagraphHogi smells... that's pretty personal right? Before Ultimate, I played chess internationally, unfortunately a finger injury kept me from continuing my playing career. I had to switch to something less physically strenuous.

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