Monday, 1 July 2013

Interview #21 - Gráinne McCarthy

Hey Gráinne, how are you feeling coming up to Worlds?  
We've been working hard for this for so long at this stage I just want to get over and start smashing it!

You've been one of the stand out players on the D line so far this season, how have things gone for the D line at your two warm up tournaments? 
Cheers Hogi! I think D line has gone fantastically well, there is such a hunger that has shown through its going to be exciting to see what happens in Toronto,

And the O line have been pretty sweet too, no? If you could take one of their players for the D line who would it be?
O line have been exceptional, scoring the points no matter what it takes.  I think Caitlin is an exceptional cutter and I think a hidden weapon for the O line, wouldn't mind bringing her to the D side....

When, and how, did you get into Ultimate?
It came about when I was 17 when a guy crush asked to play with his team from Terenure college, in a thing called Whacking day. We were called Multiple Scorecagsms. I was the only girl... Even after all the jokes I still wanted to play again

Since then you've gone on to play play with the Irish team in the Mixed division at EUC, coming 6th. Tell us about the successful week you had in Maribor.
It was incredible! I learned so much from both playing other teams and watching my team mates. We had a sensational team, all capable of incredible things, which led to our success. I think it helped that we went in just wanting to play as best we could and we proved our best was a force to be reckoned with!

You've played on some pretty successful Trinity College and LMS teams too, have you any personal highlights from the past few years that aren't from international duty?
There something very tribal about playing with a club or college, you want to show that you are part of the best. Playing UK nationals final was sensational, I have NEVER played with such an innate belief in all of my team mates and how much we all wanted to win.

Recently at Windmill the team came 4th, surpassing a lot of expectations. What game stood out for you as the best in your opinion?
When we played Stockholm Syndrome, I felt like it was then we were a team. Every little victory was shared and we all played phenomenally well. It showed the potential of the team and when our attitude is right everything else falls into place

So far this season have you had the opportunity to see any other U23 Mixed teams at the warm up tournaments?
I haven't and I tried not to. It gets in my head about who I'm marking if I see them play. Of course knowing their strengths like they huck a lot is helpful. However I'm happier going into a game not knowing, feeling like I am as good if not better than my opponent. You can't go into a game scared.

What are you focusing on now in the last three weeks ahead of Worlds?
To be as prepared as possible, knowing my role on the team and how best to fulfill that when we get there.

What would be an ideal week for you in Toronto?
I want to finish each game knowing both the team and myself have been pushed. This is our chance to see our full potential and  I want us all to feel that we achieved something regardless of score.

Who do you want to play most, and why?
We lost to the German mixed team for 5th last year and I would like to prove we should have had that spot. Also the GB teams are always incredible, after the Open teams win I look forward to seeing what we can do!

To close, finish with a joke.
Two fish are in a tank. One turns to the other and says, "Hey, do you know how to drive this thing?"

Thanks for your time and best of luck in Toronto!

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