Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Player Profile - Caoimhe Quigley

NameCaoimhe Quigley
Age: 21
Years Playing3.5
College Team: Trinity
Club TeamLMS
What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming campaignI'm very excited about the team as a group! There is a great freshness about the team. Everyone is so willing to put more than 100% in and strive towards being the best player they can be and together being the best team we can be. I love the atmosphere in the team. No one accepts how good they are now as a limit and everyone is pushing themselves to be even more amazing than they already are!
Anyone you're particularly looking to play alongsideObviously Ross...
Seriously though, there isn't a single player on this team that i'm not excited to call my team mate. In particular I'm excited to get to handle with Hogi and Gráinne (because we always end up marking each other at other training sessions!) There is such a mass of talent and determination on this team that it's hard to leave it at two, but i'll end up listing everyone on the team if I don't stop there.

Also a special shout out to Aoife and Estelle, very happy to have you both joining us!

I'm done with the happy clappy (but true!) stuff now, promise!

Personal ParagraphI started playing ultimate in Trinity in my first year and honestly didn't take it too seriously to begin with. I soon saw the the game was so much more fun when you were fitter, faster, stronger and better on the disc. This is now my third time playing for Ireland, my first time playing mixed. I'm very glad I realised how much more the sport had to offer when you up the intensity.

I'm not funny, so I won't put a joke here, instead here are some facts about me:

I won the LMS award for best cake maker. (I love to bake!)
I study environmental science, play Frisbee, cycle everywhere and may be slowly turning into a hippy.
I like cheesy music, I like to sing along and can regularly be caught dancing on the line before a point.

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