Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Interview #7 - Anne Leahy

Hey Anne, how are you?
Hey Hogi, I'm great. Really not pleased that exams are fast approaching though!

Firstly, congrats on making the team! This is your second international team appearance though as you captained the Irish Junior women in 2011. Tell us about that week in Poland
Thanks, I'm very happy to be on the team! Poland was a huge amount of fun. We were a very young and inexperienced team but I think we made up for it in raw energy. EYUC was the first tournament most of the girls had played, so it really was a learning curve but that meant that every small achievement was incredibly exciting. I was very proud to see us improve and actually start to play as a team over the course of a week and beating Poland on universe point will always be a very fond memory!

At Tour 2 weeks ago the O-line saw limited game time due to the good form of the D line, but despite that did you learn anything that you will take forward for the rest of the season?
Tour was great, I had forgotten just how much fun it was to put on an Irish Jersey and go out and cheer for your country. Having been training with the team for so long it was a much needed incentive to stay focused and enthusiastic. I have never played on a team with O and D lines before, it is very different but I do feel like I have a very definite role on the team because of it. What I'll take most from Tour is the need to always stay switched on while you're on the sideline as it can be difficult to come onto the pitch and play clinical offence if you haven't been on for 6 or 7 points. 

And outside Irish setups you're the captain of the Trinity College women's team. How did the year go for you and the team?
The year was more challenging than I would have hoped. Disappointingly recruitment did not go as planned and having lost a few of our big players last year we struggled to find some of the same motivation that has been there in the past. However we had some strong performances and are in a good position to take back some trophies next year!

Would you deem it a successful year as captain despite some close losses?
Losing varsities was hard! But this year we lost to a very deserving UCC team and had a couple of great matches along the way so that definitely did ease the pain. I'm not sure I would classify it as a super successful year as Captain but it was great to see our rookies improve hugely and I certainly really enjoyed it. 

You play club ultimate for Dublin based LMS. How much has training with them since Juniors developed your game?
Since I have started playing I have been very lucky to be consistently training with really great players. LMS is full of very talented players with loads of experience, it has been a huge advantage to be able to learn from them, they're also just great craic.

What's next for you this season? Mixed All-Ireland's? Windmill? Cologne with LMS again?
I will most likely play Mixed All-Ireland's but next definite tournament on the calender is Windmill. I'm excited about that as I've never been before and have heard many stories of how amazing it is, looking forward to good fun and lots of high level ultimate. Sadly I'm not going to Cologne this year (definitely one of my favourite tournaments), I'm sure LMS will smash it up though and I know that there are lots of people vying for my place as winner of the crap-olympics!
O-Line can play good D too

What are you most looking forward to about the rest of the season?
I love playing with this team. I'm really looking forward to going to Windmill and Toronto and playing hard and fighting to get that win. This team has huge potential and I want to see us live up to it.

Fellow team mate, Oisín says "This team is mighty craic and we're always able to have a good laugh in our downtime. So who do you think is the funniest on the O-Line?"
Think I'm going to have to go with Keith, he does try!

Are there any teams you want to play in Toronto more than others? Any grudge matches?
Playing GB is always exciting, but I really do want to go to Toronto and play against the best so its got to be the US and Canada. If Poland or the Czech Republic happen to sign up I would love to smash them and get some pay back for Juniors.

Tell us a joke, Anne!
(I apologise in advance)
What do you call a couch, a table and a chair made out of plants?
Oof, that was painful. Thanks for your time. Best of luck and enjoy the rest of the season.
Cheers Hogi!

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